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The Cass County Sheriff's Office is taking applications for Concealed Carry Weapons Permits. Applications are accepted 8:00AM to 3:30PM, Monday through Friday at our Office located at 2501 West Mechanic in Harrisonville Missouri.*

Applicants must meet all requirements under RSMo 571.101 and have with them;

  • A current State of Missouri issued picture ID showing a Cass County address
  • Documentation showing successful completion of the required firearms safety course from an Approved Instructor
  • A completed Missouri Firearms Safety Instructor Qualification Form
  • A money order or $100.00 cash

*Due to the fingerprinting process, children are not permitted in the application room

CCW renewal applicants must respond to the Sheriff's Office one week prior to the expiration date of your existing permit. Renewals must also have with them;

  • A current State of Missouri issued picture ID showing their CCW endorsement
  • A money order or $50.00 cash

*Due to the card printing process, children are not permitted in the application room

Effective August 28th, 2013, legislation (Senate Bill 75) was enacted regarding Carry Concealed Weapons permits under RSMo 571.101, impacting the previous process. Under the revisions, DOR will not be providing a MO State ID or DL with the CCW endorsement, nor will the information be posted to the permit holder's DOR information if the permit or renewal was issued on or after August 28th, 2013.

The Sheriff's Office suggests for your safety, and the safety of our deputies, that should you come in contact with any Law Enforcement Officer / Deputy and are carrying a concealed firearm, you inform the Officer / Deputy in a calm manner the location of the firearm or that you have a firearm on your person. Keep your hands away from the firearm. If you are in your vehicle, keep your hands on your steering wheel until otherwise instructed by the Officer / Deputy.

The Sheriff's Office would also to remind individuals that guns and alcohol do not mix. Possession of a firearm while Intoxicated became a class D Felony effective October 11, 2003.


For additional Information please CLICK HERE to send an email.

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