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"It's your county, Keep it safe." It's an opportunity that Cass County Sheriff Jeff Weber is offering to anyone that has an interest in becoming a Deputy Sheriff. Sheriff Jeff Weber announced today that in an effort to fill current openings and prepare for future needs he will be offering a paid, full-time academy beginning in August of this year (2018).

"I am looking for anyone that has the desire to make a difference in our community and pursue an exciting and challenging career here in Cass County," said Sheriff Jeff Weber.

Today the Cass County Sheriff's Office will begin taking applications for the position of Full-Time Academy Recruit. Successful applicants will become fulltime members of the Cass County Sheriff's Office and attend the August 2018 Cass County Sheriff's Office Regional Training Academy.

"Many Police Departments and Sheriff's Offices are having a hard time identifying and hiring qualified candidates. Sheriff Weber has decided to create our own pool of qualified candidates by hiring and paying for their academy training," said Captain Kevin Tieman.

One of the biggest hurdles in law enforcement is that many times recruits have to pay their own way through an academy and work a full time job. That limits the prospective candidate pool. This new program will require that applicants fill out a prescreen questionnaire and recruiters will then contact applicants and provide them with continued information on the hiring process.

In addition to attending the academy, recruits will earn a starting salary of $29,359. Upon successful completion of the academy and P.O.S.T. certification recruits will be commissioned as a deputy sheriff at a starting salary of $40,627.

Interested parties should complete the Pre-Employment Questionnaire.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 21 years of age prior to taking the POST test and accepting a position of Deputy Sheriff
  • Valid Missouri Driver's License
  • High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • Vision correctable to 20/20
  • Must be a credible witness in court
  • Able to successfully complete and pass all stages of the hiring procedure
  • Able to perform the job of Deputy Sheriff

Common Questions

  • Do I have to be certified to apply with Cass County as a Deputy Sheriff?
    • No, we are currently taking applications for persons not certified as a Law Enforcement Officer.
  • Do I have to start as a Deputy in the Jail?
    • Our Deputies usually start their career in the Jail. This sometimes makes new applicants hesitant to apply as they feel that working in the jail is a step back from their academy training. On the contrary, we have found that by starting Deputies in the jail it enhances the skills they learned in the academy and builds on this training. We have also found that with the state of the art facility, training and working environment only about one third of the Deputies from the jail staff apply for transfer to other divisions. Those that do apply for other divisions, we have found advancement quicker and easier through training and have a good foundation to their career.
  • What is the criteria for transfer to the road patrol division?
    • You must complete your JTO training in the jail (approximately three months), not be on disciplinary probation and apply for the road patrol position when those positions become available. Transfer to the patrol division is based on seniority.
  • What are the available divisions and specialized teams that deputies can serve within the Sheriff's Office?
    • Divisions:
      • Jail
      • Court Security
      • Bailiff
      • Extraditions
      • Patrol
      • Civil Process
      • Investigations
    • Specialized Units
      • T.A.C. (tactical response unit)
      • Honor Guard
      • K-9
      • D.E.R.T. (disaster emergency response team)
      • D.A.R.E. (drug abuse resistance and education)
  • Do I get a take home patrol car?
    • Members of the; patrol, civil process, and investigation units who reside within Cass County you will be issued a take home patrol car.
  • What kind of equipment does the Cass County Sheriff's Office use?
    • Currently we use and are issued a Sig Sauer P220 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. We also carry Asp batons, Pepper spray, Handcuffs, and X-26 Tasers.
  • What equipment does the Sheriff's Office provide?
    • All uniforms, leather, body armor (road patrol), handgun, pepper spray, baton, collar brass, badge, coat, ammunition.
  • What type of in service training is available?
    • Through our training coordinator, requests can be made to go to any specialized training at our academy or other locations. We also will be offering P.O.S.T. in house training in different areas monthly. Tactical, CERT teams and Honor Guard also train at least once a month. Firearms training will also take place every other month with qualifications twice a year.
  • Is the salary range different for Jail Staff Deputies and Road Staff Deputies?
    • No, all deputies have the same pay structure.
  • How does the pay structure work?
    • A deputy's starting pay is currently $40,621.17. Each year for eight years a deputy will automatically receive a two percent raise. Each deputy can also receive an additional two percent each year for meeting evaluation standards. If a deputy meets evaluation standards each year, the deputy will reach the top end salary after eight years (four percent each year) which is currently $55,601.09. Additional raises are possible with promotion and cost of living raises.
  • What type of shifts do deputies work?
    • Both patrol and jail deputies generally work 12 hour shifts with rotating days off each week. Week one a deputy would work Monday, Tuesday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Week two a deputy would work Wednesday and Thursday. Most shifts are from 0700 to 1900 hours 1900 to 0700. Although you are scheduled for 168 hrs. you are assigned two 8 hour shifts during the pay period and will be paid overtime for anything worked over 160 hours.
    • Court Security, Civil Process, and Detectives generally work 8 or 10 hour shifts depending on their duties.
  • What type of field training does a deputy receive?
    • Training for both the road patrol and jail staff is based on the San Jose field training program which consists of three months of training, each month with a different FTO. Every area is covered with instruction and practical application which is documented. Each trainee is also evaluated every day in order for them to receive immediate feedback of their progress. The road patrol also has a "Shadow" period of two weeks at the end of the training period where the FTO rides with the trainee in civilian clothes.
  • Do I have to live in the county?
    • Yes, within a year of employment with the Cass County Sheriff's Office you will be required to live within the limits of Cass County.
  • What other information can you tell me about the Sheriff's Office?
    • Currently we are a growing agency. Cass County encompasses 703 square miles with a census population of 102,845 residents. We have a patrol fleet that is rotated every two years. We currently have a new, state of the art Sheriff's Office and Jail. As a deputy you will also have access to our exercise room and be given a locker. The exercise room contains weight equipment, and cardiovascular equipment. The facility also contains an outdoor firearms range. The patrol vehicles are equipped with wireless laptop computers allowing access to Sheriff's Office records and dispatch., with in-car cameras and an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system for your safety.


  • Health Insurance:
    • Employees are offered health insurance through Coventry. Cass County will pay $300.00 toward the employee's monthly premium. Family coverage is available at the employee's expense
  • Pharmacy:
    • Pharmacy benefits are offered through WMS prescription program
  • Life Insurance:
    • The County provides at no cost to the employee, life insurance for the employee and their dependents:
    • Employee life insurance: $50,000.00
  • Retirement Plans:
    • Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS)- provided at no cost to the employee- five years to be vested
    • County Employee Retirement Fund (CERF) - 4% of monthly salary tax deferred and the employee is vested after 8 years. (Also provides $10,000 death benefit)
    • County employees may participate in the following tax deferred compensation plans:
      • Nationwide retirement solutions
      • ING Insurance Company
      • R.P.A. (Prudential)
      • Great West (CERF) matching deferred plan
  • Credit Union:
    • Employees may become a member of the Richards-Gebaur Credit Union, or the KC Public Safety Union
  • Direct Deposit:
    • Employees receive their pay through direct deposit
  • Cafeteria Plans:
    • American Medical (dental)
    • Cigna dependent coverage
    • Vision Care Direct
    • Dental Source
    • Pre-paid legal
  • Sick Leave Pool:
    • Employees may become part of a county sick leave pool after three months of employment. Employees can donate one sick day a year if enrolled in the sick leave pool program
  • Annual Vacation:
    • After 1st anniversary date: 40 hours
    • After 2nd anniversary date: 80 hours
    • After 7th anniversary date: 120 hours
  • Holidays:
    • Cass County has 13 paid holidays per year
  • Dental/Vision Plan:
    • Employees may be reimbursed up to $150.00 per calendar year for dental/vision work

Hiring Process

  • Pre-Employment Screening Application:
    • The Pre-Employment Questionnaire form must be submitted prior to the closing date announced, approximately one week prior to the scheduled test. After review of qualifications and a criminal check the applicant will be contacted to confirm they are scheduled for the testing. Generally, the physical ability test will be given the same day as the written test, with the physical ability test given first. Depending on the amount of people testing, applicants should plan on testing to take between four to six hours total.
    • On the Date of the Test. Applicants need to arrive thirty minutes prior to register for the test. The applicant will need to have a valid picture ID with them at the time of testing.
    • Applicants will also be given a background investigation packet to complete and return at the time of their oral board.
  • Pre-employment Interview:
    • The pre-employment interview is a one on one interview with a Cass County Sheriff's Deputy. The interview usually last approximately one hour.
  • Physical Ability Test:
    • The physical agility test consists of a job related course. Each applicant will be required to sign a waiver prior to taking the test. The course is pass/fail and is not timed. The course must be completed in order for the applicant to pass.
  • Written Test:
    • The written test is general knowledge test and not law enforcement specific. The test takes approximately two hours. Upon passing the test with a combined average score of 70% you will be contacted and scheduled for the Administrative Interview.
  • Administrative Interview:
    • When you arrive for the oral board you will need to bring a valid picture identification and also your completed background investigation packet. The oral board consists of a panel of four to five members of the Cass County Sheriff's Office. The panel will ask the applicant questions and may take up to an hour. An average score of 70% is needed to pass this phase. You will usually be notified within a week if you have passed this phase.
  • Background Investigation Interview:
    • If a passing score is obtained on the oral board then a background investigator will contact you for an interview regarding your background. The interview generally takes about an hour. A background investigation will then be conducted which will have included but is not limited to the applicant's general character, criminal history, driving history, employment, references, education and financial responsibility. The background phase is generally completed within two to three weeks.
  • CVSA:
    • Whenever possible the applicant will be scheduled for a Voice Stress Analyzer Exam on the same day as the background interview to make it more convenient for the applicant. The CVSA operator will test the applicants on job related information and the process generally takes about one hour.
  • Interview with the Sheriff:
    • If the applicant passes the previous phases of the employment process, then they will be scheduled for an interview with the Sheriff. After meeting with all of the candidates the Sheriff will make the final determination on offers of employment.
  • Post offer Medical Physical and Drug Test:
    • Applicants will be required to take a medical physical after a job offer is extended.

Reasons for Disqualification

  • Failure to meet all qualifications stated above for a Deputy Sheriff
  • Make a False Statement of material fact/deception/fraud
  • Prior felony convictions
  • Protections Orders: no protection orders against applicant
  • DWI/Hit and Run in the last three years or three or more chargeable or at fault accidents within the last three years
  • No valid driver's license
  • Probation and Parole: currently on probation or parole (including deferred adjudication)
  • Pardoned for any other reason than being innocent
  • Narcotics/Controlled Substance: Must be drug free for complete three years
  • Sale of Drugs: sale of illegal drugs or legal drugs without a license
  • Military Discharge/Conduct: discharge other than honorable (no conditions). No conviction or commission of a court martial offense

Interested parties should complete the Pre-Employment Questionnaire.

Have additional questions? Please contact Detective Bridgforth, by EMAIL or by phone at (816)380-8614.

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