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Books: Donated books will become the property of the Facility. An inmate may keep two books in their cell at any given time. These books will be exchanged periodically. Inmates may arrange for outside sources to donate books to the Jail Library as outlined below:

  • All books must be soft back
  • All books must be new and unmarred or marked
  • Books may not contain strong violence, contain strong sexual content, or violate the safety or security of the facility or its employees in any way
  • Books may be dropped off at the Jail Lobby or arrive in the mail
  • When possible, the inmate that arranged for the donation to the Facility will be provided with the book before it is passed to other inmates
  • Only approved materials will be accepted
  • Rejected books will be placed into the inmate's property or given back to the donar
  • In the event the inmate for whom the book was donated is no longer in custody when the item is rejected the book may be disposed of at the discretion of the person rejecting the book

The following items will be donated to individual inmates, and will be transported with the inmate if transferred, or returned upon release. All donated books will remain with the Cass County Sheriff's Office.

Money: Cash or money orders may be donated to the inmate's account. The money will post to inmate account once the bank or financial institution has processed the deposit.

Medications: All medications must be in the original prescription bottle.



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