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Public Statement from Sheriff Dwight Diehl


January 27, 2011

In light of recent developments and lingering questions about information being related to the public in reference to the current state of the county budget, I would like to provide some clarity to these issues as they relate to the Sheriff’s Office. It had been reported in last week’s papers that the Sheriff’s Office ended the year $118,000 over budget. When questioned, this number was shown to be incorrect and the Sheriff’s Office had actually finished the year with $45,709 remaining. This correction was confirmed by the Cass County Treasurer, Steve Cheslik and was reported in this week’s paper, (Star Herald, January 27, 2011) “Cheslik confirmed the error, and agreed with Weber that the Sheriff’s Office actually finished 2010 $45,709 in the black.”

Even though we under spent our budget in 2010, we handled 17% more incidents than in 2009.

The fact is, the Sheriff’s Office has never “over spent” it’s budget in the last 14 years.

As we move forward in this process the citizens may be assured that we will continue to operate in a fiscally prudent manner, staying within our budget, while continuing to provide quality public safety and service to the citizens. To quote from our mission statement, “ANYTHING LESS THAN ALL WE CAN DO TO ACCOMPLISH OUR MISSION IS INADEQUATE”.

~ Sheriff Dwight Diehl

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