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Copper Thefts from Utility Poles




Public Information Officer:
November 14th, 2012
Cpl. Kevin Tieman,
Cass County Sheriff's Office
816-380-8615 Office
816-738-4394 Cell

Copper Thefts from Utility Poles

Investigators with the Cass County Sheriff's Office are asking for the public's help in identifying anyone stealing copper in the southeastern portion of the county. Since September the Sheriff's Office has received reports concerning theft of copper from utility poles. Investigators and the utility companies believe that the suspect(s) are climbing the poles and stealing the wire. Officials with Osage-Valley Electric Cooperative tell investigators that their company uses "bucket trucks" when conducting repairs and work on power lines.

If you see anyone CLIMBING a utility pole, DO NOT APPROACH! Get a description of the climber and any vehicles. Drive to a safe area and call 9-1-1 or dispatch at 816-380-5200 with the location of the pole and the description information.

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