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ATV and UTV Permits


Licensed drivers must obtain a permit from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office prior to driving any all-terrain vehicles on County roads.

Where do I apply for a permit?

Applications will only be accepted in the lobby of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office:
Monday through Friday
(Excluding Cass County Holidays)
from 8:00am – 4:30pm

What do I need to apply for a permit?

The applicant Must provide the following information prior to issuance of the permit,

  • A printed copy of the application by clicking HERE.
  • A current valid operator or chauffeur’s license.
  • Proof of Missouri State minimum liability insurance (Must list your ATV / UTV).
  • The make, model and serial number of the all-terrain vehicle.
  • The cost of the permit shall be fifteen dollars ($15.00) Exact Cash – Paper Bills Only.
  • The permit shall be valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance.
  • Penalty. Any person violating any provision of this Section is guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined not more than three hundred dollars ($300.00) and/or sentenced to a term in the County Jail not to exceed fifteen (15) days.

What are the rules?

Pursuant to Cass County Ordinance 340.080:

  • No person shall operate an all-terrain vehicle, as defined in Section 300.010, upon the streets and highways of this County, except as follows:
    • All-terrain vehicles owned and operated by a governmental entity for official use;
    • All-terrain vehicles operated for agricultural purposes or industrial on-premises purposes between the official sunrise and sunset on the day of operation; or
    • All-terrain vehicles whose operators carry a special permit issued by the County pursuant to Section 340.090 of this Code.
  • No person shall operate an all-terrain vehicle:
    • In any careless way so as to endanger the person or property of another,
    • While under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance; or
    • Without a securely fastened safety helmet on the head of an individual who operates an all-terrain vehicle or who is being towed or otherwise propelled by an all-terrain vehicle, unless the individual is at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • No operator of an all-terrain vehicle shall carry a passenger, except for agricultural purposes.

Where can I find the full Law?

The full Cass County Ordinance can be found on the Cass County Government website by clicking HERE.

How do I get more information?

Additional information can be obtained by downloading our Safety and Rules Pamphlet by clicking the below image: