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Emergency Notification System

Emergency telephone alerts to the entire county or targeted areas has been implemented in Cass County. Using the Cass County Assessor’s database of addresses and mapping, the system will be activated by public safety officials when necessary. A list of some incidents that this notification will be used are:

  • Environmental (Natural Disasters)
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Dangerous Water Conditions
  • Water Safety Alert
  • Dam/Levy Breaks
  • Search and Rescue
  • Missing Children
  • Missing Elderly
  • Missing Disabled
  • Evacuation Notices
  • Evacuation Routes
  • Man-Made Disasters
  • Terrorism Threats
  • Nuclear Hazards
  • Bio Terrorism Threats
  • Chemical Spills
  • Gas Leaks
  • HAZMAT Emergencies
  • Crime
  • Hostage Situations
  • Prisoner Escape Warnings
  • Sexual Predator Alert
  • Amber Alert

A separate feature is the WEATHER ALERT NOTIFICATION. Those that would like to be notified of weather warnings (NOT weather watches) must sign up. The weather warning notifications will be given to targeted areas. If your address is in the path of the storm, you will receive notification via your registered phone, whether you register your landline phone or your cell phone. If you are not in the path of a storm warning, you will not receive a notification. No waking you up in the middle of the night if you are not in danger!

If you enter multiple addresses you want to be notified for, you will not know which address the notification is covering.

But, you must sign up for this free service! SIGN UP HERE.


How does the Emergency Notification System work?

If a situation arises that citizens need to know about and act to protect their lives or property, a person of authority will notify the appropriate 911 center. The 911 Operator will activate the proper prerecorded notification or current-scripted notification by selecting the specific area. This is done by online access. Everbridge mass dials the affected area and distributes the message.

How do I know if I am receiving a call from the Weather Alert Notification system and not a spam caller?

Weather Alert Notifications will be sent out from the phone number 816-253-8966. After signing up for the service, we suggest you add that phone number to your contact list as a Weather Alert Notification.

What if I am not home and do not receive the message?

If you have an answering machine, it will give you the message when you get home. But if you have registered your cell phone the message will go to your home phone AND your cell phone. You will not miss an emergency notification. But you must register your cell phone information. SIGN UP HERE.

How does the Weather Alert Notification work?

Everbridge uses our data base and the information from the National Weather Service to issue telephone notifications in case of weather warnings. Using the mapping provided by the CAss County Assessor’s Office, when your location is pinpointed as being in an area of a weather warning, the registered phone numbers are called and you will receive a prerecorded message informing you of the danger.

Is the Weather Alert Notification going to wake me up in the middle of the night with constant warnings?

No. The alerts you receive will only be those alert that affect your registered location. If a warning is issued in Cass County but not in your registered location you will NOT receive a call. Even if you can hear sirens from inside your house, we encourage you to have the weather alert notifications. You may have a child at home that you need to check on. Or, you may not hear the siren but would hear the phone ring. The deadliest tornadoes occur after dark and through the night.

What can I do if I decide I to cancel the Weather Alert Notification?

To cancel your Weather Alert Notification CLICK HERE. You can cancel or change your information at any time.

How much do I have to pay for the Weather Alert Notification?

Not a penny! It is free to all Cass County residences and businesses.

How do I know my information is current and correct?

At any time you may go onto the Everbridge website and put in your current information. This will update the data base. It will not make another record. The landline database is updated once per year. If you move, you should register immediately. The database for the Emergency Notification System will be updated with your current information during the update. But until the next update you will want to be registered so that you will receive any emergency notifications. Remember to update your cell phone information as well! UPDATE HERE.

What should I do when I receive an Emergency Notification?

The message will tell you what to do or where to find out more information.

What should I do when I receive a Weather Alert Notification?

Everyone should have a preplan for weather warnings. You are urged to know what to do ahead of time to protect you and your property. For instance; in a tornado you need to go to the basement and wait for an all clear. If you do not have a basement to go to, you will need to go to a center room in the house or building; preferably one without a window. If you have a bathroom in the middle of the house or building, it is a good idea to have a twin mattress to cover yourself with as you lie in the tub. Visit for additional information.

If I have a problem with the Emergency Notification System or the Weather Alert System who should I call?

We want these systems to assist you and keep you safe. If you should have any complaint or concern, please contact Robin Tieman, Cass County Emergency Services Board Executive Director, 816-887-1953, or by EMAIL.