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Crisis Negotiator Team

Crisis negotiation is a set of law enforcement techniques used to communicate with people who are threatening violence (workplace violence, domestic violence, suicide, or terrorism), including barricaded subjects, stalkers, criminals attempting to escape or evade arrest, and hostage takers.

The Purpose of the Crisis Negotiator Team is to assist the Sheriff’s office and other agencies in responding to critical incidents. The team deploys specially equipped crisis negotiators who have been trained in the techniques of negotiating a safe resolution to critical incidents.

The goal of our CNT is to resolve the crisis or hostage situation through a combined application of tactics and negotiations that will result in a peaceful resolution, with all hostages rescued safely, all law enforcement personnel uninjured, and all suspects safely in custody.

Our crisis negotiation team is composed of employees in the DARE/SRO, Investigations, Patrol, Communications, and Mental Health sectors of the office, and receives bi-monthly training, preparing themselves to diffuse such incidents in their attempts to bring about a peaceful resolution. Training topics can include: recent trends, case studies, a review of incidents responded to by the team, effective communication, among other topics.