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  • Cash Only Bond: Requires the entire, exact amount in cash which can be returned to the person posting the bond when all court appearances have been completed minus fees, penalties, fines etc.
  • 10% Cash Allowed: Means 10% of the total bond may be posted in lieu of surety.
  • 10% Cash Only: Requires 10% of the total bond.
  • Surety Bond: A court approved Bondsman may write the bond, for a fee. The fee is non-returnable. The bondsman may require a co-signer or collateral before writing the bond. The Jail staff can NOT (and will NOT) recommend a bondsman. There is a list from which an inmate may select.
  • Signature Bond: A judge may release an inmate based upon his/her promise to appear. This is a decision only a judge can make.
  • Personal Surety: If an inmate, their relative, or acquaintance has sufficient equity in property in Cass County, the judge may allow said property to be posted as Bond.

Authorized Bonding Companies

Now on this 12th day of December, 2023, the Presiding Judge of the 17th Judicial Circuit finds that the following bonding companies are authorized to write bonds in the 17th Judicial Circuit, Cass and Johnson Counties, Missouri:
(816) 842-17171st ASAP Bail Bonds, Inc.(1st ASAP Bail Bonds, Inc.)
(660) 422-5678AAA All Star Larson Bail BondsRobert Wayne Larson
(417) 358-4094AAAWAY Bail BondsLarry Newman
(816) 763-2663Anthony Ferrara BailbondsAnthony Ferrara
(816) 299-2320Anthony G. Ford Bail BondsAnthony G. Ford
(816) 781-3100Anything Bail Bonds Inc.(Anything Bail Bonds Inc.)
(816) 415-4448Bratten Bail Bonds(Sean Willian Bratten)
(816) 221-7161Bruno Bail Bonds(Bruno Bail Bonds LLC) (Banker’s Insurance Co.)
(816) 415-2442Curtis D. EatonCurtis D. Eaton
(636) 947-3007Darrel Tullock Bail Bonds(Darrel E. Tullock Jr.)
(660) 826-8440Fairfax’s AA Bonding(Jim L. Fairfax)
(660) 747-3133George Wilhite BondsGeorge Wilhite
(816) 796-0888K.Y. Bailbonds(Kevin Young)
(816) 524-8373Keys Bonding Company(Coleman O. Keys)
(816) 356-2245Lalla/Miller Bail Bond Co.(Donald Ray Miller)
(816) 776-6969Macey Bail Bonds(Natalie Macey) (Roach Surety & Casualty Co)
(573) 368-9939Meyer Bail BondsJoshua Meyer
(816) 921-5500Tamika Monea HanksMika Hanks Bail Bon

Note to all bonding agents: If your number is not correct or does not appear;
please contact Kimberly Fitzgerald at (816) 380-8181, or send an email to correct this list.