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Sex Offender Apprehension & Registration Unit

SOAR Unit Mission

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Apprehension & Registration (SOAR) Unit’s mission is to take a proactive approach to offender registration, tracking, and verifying all information on convicted sex offenders residing, visiting, or working in Cass County, Missouri.

This unit will aggressively pursue prosecution against all noncompliant sex offenders and absconders who fail to abide by and comply with the requirements set forth by the State of Missouri and the Federal Sex Offender Registration & Notification Act (SORNA).

SOAR Unit Overview

The Sex Offender Apprehension and Registration (SOAR) Unit was created in August 2018 to register and monitor persons residing within Cass County who have been declared sex offenders and have a duty to register. Currently, the unit is incorporated into the Sheriff’s Office – Community Services Bureau.

The SOAR Unit investigates the following: Failure to Register as a sex offender and Registered Sex Offender Information (Tips). The SOAR Unit is also responsible for conducting sex offender compliance checks. (Address verification and compliance).

The SOAR Unit conducts and documents all investigations, and makes referrals to courts and other agencies when necessary. The SOAR Unit frequently works with the U. S. Marshals, Cass County Prosecutor’s Office, Missouri Highway Patrol Sex Offender Unit, and Missouri Probation and Parole to effectively monitor sex offenders and to apprehend sex offenders who are out of compliance.

The SOAR Unit is currently comprised of one (1) Specialty Detective

Registration Hours

Monday through Friday 6:00 AM – 1:30 PM (Excluding Holidays)

Any offender residing/working in Cass County, Missouri who is required to register under 589.400 RSMo should report in person to the Cass County Sheriff’s Office located at 2501 W. Mechanic St, Suite 100, Harrisonville MO 64071 to register.

Any changes to an offender’s status (change in name, address, phone number, vehicles, employment, release from incarceration, email, online identifier, instant messaging address, social media, vehicle information, temporary lodging or residence, ect.) must be reported within three (3) business days of the change. The offender will be required to complete registration as a walk-in appointment.

Contact Information

Be Informed & Aware

Knowledge is the 1st line of defense in protecting our children and adults alike from sexually based offenses. Accurate, detailed information about convicted sex offenders and their whereabouts is paramount when trying to create a safe environment in which we work, live, and play. The public is encouraged to report any suspicious activity they observe to their local authorities and to report any information about a sex offender registration crime to the SOAR Unit.

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