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Fee Schedule

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office has incurred excessive expenses due to the large volume of records that have been requested, produced and then not picked up by the requesting parties.

Effective immediately, all fees for records requests will be received prior to the production of any records. Instances where the exact fee cannot be determined, a deposit on the likely amount for reproduction of the requested records will be required.

Thank you,

Sheriff Jeff Weber

Effective January 1st, 2019

Letter of Incarceration $5.00 each
Incident Reports $5.00 each
Investigative Reports$5.00 each
Accident Reports$5.00 each
Arrest Reports$5.00 each
- - Each additional page$0.10 each
Audio/Video Reproduction$18.00
Fingerprint Charge$10.00
Local Records Check$5.00
Concealed Carry Permit$100.00
- - Renewal$50.00
- - Transfer$10.00
- - Replacement Card$10.00
Civil Process$30 plus mileage
Sex Offender List$10.00
Notary Fee$5.00
Training Room$25.00 per day
Stop Check Fee$30.00