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Investigation Unit

Business Office – (816) 380-5200 / Fax -(816) 380-8580

image The Criminal Investigations Division of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office comprises an investigations supervisor, general detectives, a criminal analyst, and a victim advocate. The Investigations Division conducts further investigation into incidents reported to the patrol division as well as cases referred by other agencies or entities. Although the detectives that make up this division are generalist investigators, they do attend additional training in specialized fields such as sex crimes, crimes against children, property crimes, and persons crimes.

The Investigations Division is also home to the Western Missouri Crimes Against Children Task Force, the Cass County Sheriff’s Office Fire Investigations Team, and the Cass County Sheriff’s Office Digital Forensics Investigation Unit. These teams consist of general detectives who take on additional roles which includes training to become experts in those fields. By providing these services, we can better the ability of not just ourselves but all agencies in Cass County and surrounding counties to pursue justice for our citizens.