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Cass County Emergency Management Disperse COVID-19 Supplies

Public Information Officer:
January 20th, 2022
Major Kevin Tieman,
Cass County Sheriff’s Office

The Cass County Emergency Management Office continues to work with State Emergency Officials to disseminate PPE supplies. Emergency Management Director Justin Crane receives the supplies from the state along with the state’s designation regarding how supplies are divided among first responder’s agencies. The most recent shipment consisted of 4700 gloves, 200 goggles, 850 bottles of hand sanitizer and 8000 biohazard bags for disposal.

“Deputy Crane is a great asset to this office, and the community, and has done an outstanding job coordinating with all First Responders during this unprecedented event. This is just another way that we are working hard every day to Keep Cass County Safe,” said Sheriff Jeff Weber.

(L to R) Justin Crane, Emergency Management Director and Corporal Jason Heffernan. The Cass County Emergency Management Office is under the direction of Sheriff Jeff Weber.


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