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Investigation continues.

Public Information Officer:
August 22, 2006
Cpl. Kevin Tieman,
Cass County Sheriff’s Office
816-380-8615 (Office)
816-738-4394 (Cell)

Currently we have 19 people working on the site. Today investigators located 35 pieces of bone and 1 tooth believed to be human at the site. That is in addition to the approximately 55 bone fragments recovered since Friday.

On Wednesday we will be adding deputies from the Henry County Sheriffs Office in Clinton and our investigators will be joined by four detectives from Kansas City Police Departments Homicide Unit.

We also received the report from Dr. Michael Finnegan, Forensic Anthropologist, who was able to conclusively test the bone fragments found on Friday as “human”. He stated on Saturday that his preliminary test here in our office indicated that the bones were human and now that has been confirmed. One other bone sent the other day was that of a whitetail deer. We are still awaiting conclusive test to determine how many victims those four bones represent.

There has been no DNA testing done and we anticipate any testing of that nature will be done by the Kansas City Crime Lab.

Also the Sheriff’s Office web site has a link for the public to leave information or to check the latest details of the investigation. That site is WWW.CASSMOSHERIFF.ORG

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