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Sheriff’s Office Reminds Residents of Burglary Prevention

Public Information Officer:
December 15th, 2014
Lt. Kevin Tieman,
Cass County Sheriff’s Office
816-380-8615 (Office)
816-738-4394 (Cell)

On December 12, 2014 the Cass County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene of two burglaries in the Belton area near 171st and Holmes Rd. In this incident and similar incidents around Cass County the suspects usually approach the residence during the day and knock on the door. If they encounter a homeowner the subject will engage the person with “small talk” and ask various questions about directions to a nearby town or highway, or performing odd jobs around the house. These subjects will continue this until they find a house where no one is home. Residents are encouraged to contact the Cass County Sheriff’s Office or local police department to report any suspicious behavior.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office urges citizens, especially at this time of the year to be aware of your surroundings and to keep your doors locked and garage doors closed even when you at home.

Many people are making plans to be out of town for extended periods of time this holiday season. During this time our homes are more susceptible to burglaries. While most people notify neighbors here are a few other things to do before going:

  • Be discreet about going away to reduce the risk of burglars
  • Set timers, to make your house appears occupied
  • Lock windows and doors
  • Leave spare keys/contact number with someone you trust
  • For long periods of travel, have the post office hold your mail
  • Stop paper delivers, and make arrangements for parcels to be picked up
  • If your car is alarmed, leave spare keys with a neighbor

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office also provides a “House Watch”. If you leave town contact 380-5200 and have the following information ready:

  • Your name and address
  • Emergency number
  • Date leaving/returning and times
  • If the mail and newspapers have been stopped
  • Vehicles left in garage or driveway and description
  • Lights left on, where they are located and if they are on timers
  • Anyone with permission to be on the property (checking house/pets)
  • And local emergency contact name and phone number

This information is then disseminated to every deputy in the Sheriff’s Office. This allows for deputies to check your house periodically while you are away to help give you an extra piece of mind while you are enjoying a well deserved vacation. The “House Watch” program typically increases during the summer and winter months, however it can be used anytime of the year.

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